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Engagement Models

Fixed Cost Engagement Model


  • Best-suited for highly defined requirements
  • Client pays a fixed price
  • Minimum exposure to risk
  • Highly transparent development process

The fixed cost and time project model is best suited to projects where there is absolute clarity about the project requirements and specifications. We invite our clients to discuss and define the expected deliverables and timelines for this low risk project execution model and determine the mutually agreed fixed price and timeline. Our processes have been perfectly primed so as to ensure reliability and peak performance that is timely and budget bound.

Webure Digital Transformation
Webure Digital Transformation

Dedicated Development Engagement Model

Webure Digital Transformation

The dedicated development facility model is an excellent solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. DTM features a high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability.

Dedicated facility will be your extension of engineering / development center. Through such dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill sets, resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages to the customers, taking all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the customers. All rights to the IPR developed in the Development Facility vests with the Customer.

Dedicated Facility also provides a cost effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore support. For such dedicated relationships, we also implement customer specific quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the specific needs of a Client. Resources are paid on a retainer basis which is per month billing for resource.

Hybrid Engagement Model

The hybrid engagement model is a combination of Dedicated Development and Fixed Price Model. The Business Analysis (BA) Team works with end customer on Dedicated Development Model in freezing the requirements. BA paid on retainer basis. Following this, a detailed scope document prepared. Based on scope document, price and timelines are provided.

Project Commencement – If the quote is agreeable to you, we start with the project development as per the agreement. For any changes during the development process, there is a standard change procedure that is handled through a change control mechanism. The project is divided into multiple phases for ease of monitoring by the client. Payments are also phased out accordingly.

Project Completion – Once the project is completed, our QA team tests its features and functionalities. After your approval on the same and the final payment, we transfer files to your server and close the project.

Webure Digital Transformation
Webure Digital Transformation

Offshore Delivery Model

Webure Digital Transformation

The offshore delivery model entails that all project development, from initial study to testing, is done at Webure’s premises. This particular model works well in scenarios where the project goals are well defined and deviation from the same is unlikely.

Management and communication during the course of the project is the responsibility of our program managers – the internal clients, who work with tried and tested methodologies to ensure that delivery is as per schedule.

Offshore dedicated project team, works within predefined processes, thereby making this model the most cost effective.

Onsite Delivery Model

Onsite delivery model entails that skilled Webure’s professionals are deployed on the client’s premises.

This delivery model is viable only if fluidity is required in a project, if there is need for a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is imperative.

From initial consultation to maintenance and support, our representatives are highly qualified and combine excellent business acumen and strong interpersonal skills.

Webure Digital Transformation
Webure Digital Transformation

Hybrid Delivery Model

Webure Digital Transformation

This model, a combination of both onsite and offshore, is the best of both worlds, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency.

Onsite team will directly interact with the clients and will serve as consultants, program managers and developers, depending on project requirements. They will do requirement studies, design and development, while interfacing directly with clients.

Offshore outsourcing team will interact only with the onsite team and will provide additional crucial support, thereby reducing costs and implementation time.


What makes us Different?

Webure Technologies aims to become a global leader in the software industry, following high values and ethical standards that make us stand out from the crowd.

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Unprecedented Quality

Deploying high-capability software practices for various industries, we ensure the highest quality results and maintenance support, which deliver you an improved return on investment.

Project Analytical Skills

Whether you want us to create something from scratch or modernize your digital product with product engineering, our experts will scrutinize each step with logical data, and realistic timescales to keep you informed.

Result Driven Approach

Providing complete satisfaction with extended business hours and project transparency, we make everything possible to achieve the best results as per the global standards.

Cost Effectiveness

We are among the most cost-efficient sources for quality-rich IT services, known for professionalism and round-o-clock support. From IT outsourcing to automated systems, we do it all at competitive pricing.

Teamwork is our Strength

Behind every successful project, there is a team that works for hours without getting afraid of obstacles. Team Advantal is on a mission together to transform businesses with a tech-driven and futuristic path.

Fastest Response Time

When it comes to our support & maintenance assistance, we offer the fastest technical support covering all time zones with post delivery maintenance and project consultation.


As a leader of our domain we help clients become one in theirs!

At Webure, we successfully worked with clients of every type whether big business or small startups and belonging to diverse industries. When working with any client we start by understanding what the business is all about, the challenges faced and the competitors, Backed by our knowledge of different industries and their nitty-gitty aspects, we help you become the leaders of your domain.

Microfinance and NBFCs

Owing to the rise in global customers, brands and competition to sustain, companies of every industry must strengthen themselves by being innovative, technologically updated in order to serve its customers in the best way. Serving its customers in multiple languages, 24 * 7 * 365 customer service, and various time zones and contact channels has become a mandate for any company to sustain the field.
Webure, supported by its Technology, Analytical power and Process Excellence methodologies, caters to outsourcing needs of vast array of industries with customized solutions to arrive at better and fruitful results.

Microfinance and NBFCs

Microfinance and NBFCs

Microfinance and NBFCs

Real Estate

Microfinance and NBFCs


Microfinance and NBFCs

Pharma and Life Sciences

Microfinance and NBFCs


Microfinance and NBFCs



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    • Through their high-level execution, flawless customer support, and responsive approach, Webure delivered a website that effectively generates income.

      Amy Hahn
      Director at Liguori Publications